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The Source of Consciousness – Deepak vs Dawkins

The source of consciousness is a an extremely contested topic in the field of science. In this video Dawkins, an outspoken atheist, and Deepak Chopra, a popular spiritualist go head to head to discuss this issue.  This is an excerpt from the debate.

The conscious universe is something which is impossible to prove via the scientific method, thus it is a concept that scientists such as Dawkins find very difficult to swallow. The problem stems mostly from our definition of consciousness. Continue reading The Source of Consciousness – Deepak vs Dawkins


Does God Have a Future? – Deepak Chopra

I think God has a future, we have a future and they’re all connected. As I’ve said many times, God is our highest instinct to know ourselves. We have questions like why do we exist, what is the meaning of existence, what is the meaning of death? Do we have a soul? And if God exists does he care about us? Because if this God is this infinite void of nothingness that is you know mechanically spewing out the universe you know like a fountain that is gushing water. Who cares if it doesn’t matter to me? Do I have a connection to this source? And I think God has a future if we actually understand what I call the religious experience. That we can know how to transcend, which means to go beyond thought. Because I’ve said no system of thought can give us access to reality. System of thought creates a model and then you are stuck with the model. Scientific model. Theological model. Religious model. Therefore there’s some real insight in that phrase, “Be still and know that I am God.” Because when you’re still then all that’s left is awareness, is existence, all that’s left is being. – Deepak Chopra

Religion and science: Do they obstruct each other, and are they truly incompatible?

Religion and science

As a follow up to our previous post on “The Battle Between Science and GOD” here, I would like to share this article I found on SOMA which  dives into the topic of Science and Religion and their evolving places in humanity.  It is important to note that Spirituality and Religion are VERY different concepts.  Therefore the two articles address different subject matter inherently but they both really say that same thing , that nobody holds the “VIP” pass in the search for truth.

“Both science and religion, originally shared a search for truth. Religion however seems static, or at least changes at a much slower rate than science; perhaps owing to its longer lifespan and indoctrination of its teachings over time.”

“Each individual must be allowed to question and search for truth. Science also must learn from the journey of religion and not assume that it is omnipotent and omniscient.”

Continue reading Religion and science: Do they obstruct each other, and are they truly incompatible?