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10 Signs that you may be an old soul

10 Signs that you are an-3

1) Older souls often perceive themselves as part of a much greater whole. They see the deep interrelatedness between mind  and matter, as well as the unity existing between people. Everything is significant and meaningful. Seeing the bigger picture they often ask “What is my purpose in the greater scheme of things?”

2) They tend to be very easy going. Knowing the uselessness  of the preoccuptations that torment the younger souls, older souls tend to avoid getting caught in the drama of life. Though they face hardships like everyone else, the tend to let things slide and tend to act less from their ego. They do not like to spend much time doing things they don’t want to do, or things that don’t have meaning or bring them joy.

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Introduction to the Soul Ages – The Michael Teachings

According to “The Michael Teachings”, the evolution of the soul is broken down into 5 phases:


  • Stage 1: The INFANT Soul
  • Stage 2: The CHILD Soul
  • Stage 3: The YOUNG Soul
  • Stage 4: The MATURE Soul
  • Stage 5: The OLD Soul


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This evolution can take hundreds of lifetimes to achieve or perhaps even less.

As time progresses the proportions of the souls at each of the stages changes as well. In the past there have been many more infant and  souls , and very few old souls. Going into the future the proportion of old souls is increasing, especially as we enter into the age of Aquarius we will start to see more interconnection and understanding.

The emergence of social media and the internet could be one of the very first means by which people can communicate instantaneously on a mass scale, and this is only the beginning. It is not coincidental that the emergence of that the emergence of such technology coincides with our entering the aquarian age.


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