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Are Detoxes a big scam? How to really get healthy

DETOXES are fake, scam, bad for your, how to be healthyAs consumers are we making sure we are well informed before jumping into a detox treatment, pill or diet? Or do we put faith in the entities that are trying to make a profit out of our ignorance? Detoxing surely is a huge trend, I for one have tried many of the things stated in this article, I’m really not sure how effective they were. I know some people who swear by colonics! But in the end of the day I believe there is never a quick-fix solution when it comes to health. It’s about developing long term health habits and I agree with a point made in the following article that “the ultimate lifestyle ‘detox’ is not smoking, exercising and enjoying a healthy balanced diet like the Mediterranean diet”

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The Ray Kurzweil Diet – Want to live forever? Read “Transcend”

Ray Kurzweil DietWant to live forever? Read “Transcend” by Ray Kurzweil, genius extraordinaire. According to him you can.

He especially goes into depth in regards to ‘The Ray Kurzweil Diet’, the book included recipes, exercises and lifestyle habits.