Quotes About Love – Khalil Gibran


A beautiful quote about love by Khalil Gibran, it reminds us to open our hearts to love. Not only romantic love, but love of everything; the universe, nature, beauty, and most importantly,,, you.

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit” – Khalil Gibran

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Doubt is Good

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Doubt is good.
It is an inherent part of anyones spiritual journey. I have had my fair share of doubt.
It comes every now and then, in different orders of magnitude.
Recently, I came across an article in regards to Yogi Bhajan, a key figure in bringing Kundalini to the West. I have a great affinity for his school and having found Kundalini a while back, It is a fundamental part of my daily well-being routine.
The article outlined several purported accusations against Bhajan. Immediately my mind went into a spirals.
I told myself.“This guy is a fraud, this entire thing is a fraud!”

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Enlightenment? No

buddha - enlightenment“Does a Buddha say to himself, ‘I have obtained Enlightenment.’?”
“No. There is no such thing as Perfect Enlightenment to obtain. If a Perfectly Enlightened Buddha were to say to himself, ‘I am enlightened’ he would be admitting there is an individual person. Enlightenment consists of transcending the Self and realizing that individuality is an illusion.”

From the Diamond Sutra, Chapter 9 via FarOutZen

The Source of Consciousness – Deepak vs Dawkins

The source of consciousness is a an extremely contested topic in the field of science. In this video Dawkins, an outspoken atheist, and Deepak Chopra, a popular spiritualist go head to head to discuss this issue.  This is an excerpt from the debate.

The conscious universe is something which is impossible to prove via the scientific method, thus it is a concept that scientists such as Dawkins find very difficult to swallow. The problem stems mostly from our definition of consciousness. Continue reading The Source of Consciousness – Deepak vs Dawkins

21 Best Songs to Start The Day

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - 21 best songs to start your day! Morning Songs
#15. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? If you love music as much as I do, then you know how it can be an instant mood-changer.

So here is a list of the 21 best songs to start the day. Positive lyrics and happy beats guaranteed.  There is a link to the full list (with even more songs) at the end of the post. Enjoy!

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Leap of Soul

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