Sharing Spirituality

Sharing Spirituality

Feeling the positive benefits of a spiritual journey, its hard not to want to share it with those you care about. Sharing is very important and a natural part of a spiritual journey. In fact it gradually becomes a matter of duty to share, but one must do so responsibility. It’s very easy to sound judgmental, controlling, or coming with a “you have to do this” attitude .  How you share, is as important as what you share.  Here I would like to share with you some insights into the consciousness of sharing;

1) Walk the Walk. 
Nobody changes in a day, but at least be on the path of transformation. You need to actually be doing the work yourself. In the end, what you are sharing is not information, its wisdom. Wisdom is only attained when you have lived with that knowledge and applied it to your own experience. If you see someone talking about this new great diet, but has not lost any weight, you are not likely going to take them seriously. In the opposite way, seeing someone transforming and becoming more positive makes you want to learn more about what their doing to feel so great. So it comes down to walking the walk and actually putting those tools you want to share to use in your own life.

2) Have a Compassionate Heart.
Have genuine compassion and care for the other person. When you have this feeling people will automatically be more open knowing that you are coming from a good place. Its not about trying to get people to see things your way, but they need to know that you care for their wellbeing. If they are an addict, or in victim-mode, they need to know that it bothers you that they are not well.
It also extremely important to empathise, to put yourself in the other persons shoes. If you want to really bring change into another persons life you need to be prepared to walk a mile in their shoes and feel their pain. Its not always about having a solution in hand, many times its just enough for you need to be there. Perhaps just to sit and to cry with them.

3) Have Positive Consciousness.
Sometimes people have a desire to change someone due to a personal agenda. Perhaps you are unhappy with their behaviour or you are trying to prove how spiritually elevated you are. Sharing is not about providing some benefit to you. Coming with an attitude of “Im gonna help you” will not work. Instead, the key is to come with unconditional love.
Sharing is not always about verbal exchange either. Often times you can share with someone without them even knowing it. Call it meditation or prayer, you can focus your consciousness onto that person and concentrate, or ask any higher power your believe in, for an opening for light and blessings to enter their life. Its about connecting with the individual on a deeper level, beyond the material plane.

4) Be Present. 
All the power and strength we need lies in the here and now. When people are caught up in  the future, it manifests as stress and anxiety, when they are caught up in the past it is often manifest as depression or guilt. Either way, their suffering is likely due to their lack of presence. Thus in order to bring light into the other persons life it is important to be fully present when they are sharing their pain with you. To truly hear what they are saying with a compassionate heart. Just be there, in the here and now. The act of truly listening to someone is tremendously powerful and transformative in its own right.

5) Advice is Vice.
Be very conscious about giving advice. Look within and be fully aware of your intentions. If the other person is not open to healing themselves, or to transform, your advice can have further negative consequences. When giving advice be sure that there is an open channel where you will be heard. Otherwise whats the point? Don’t throw around advice, unless someone is asking for it. And when you do give it, give it in moderation. You do not want to become an emotional crutch for someone, this removes from their own personal journey and experience.
You may have a friend with a deep-rooted depression, and you know that many spiritual practices out there can help. But you must also know that this pain and darkness is part of their journey. You can try desperately to introduce some of these tools into their life, but it won’t work. Depression is ego in overdrive. If you come with a means of escape, the ego will do everything in its power to block it. And this is what happens. Sometimes the best thing that can happen to someone is for them to hit rock bottom. Its our job to listen, to be present, and to have acceptance and know that we do not have control over the situation.

6) Let it go.
There is such beauty in the diversity in the paths to self enlightenment. Everyone has their own journey and thus it is so important to realise that you cannot control the situation. Truth is, what works for you, might not work for others. You can’t try to shove spirituality down someones throat. The divine is present everywhere and permeates every aspect of our being. All we need to is to have the right consciousness to access that light. The tools one uses to achieve this vary but the ultimate goal is the same; some kind of transformation through heightened awareness.
You don’t need to “fix” anyone nor can you. Just focus on fixing yourself. If you find yourself getting frustrated that someone is not open to your sharing, you need to realise where your frustration is coming from. Ego? Most likely. Its often a mindset of “my way is better than yours” or “my experience is more profound than yours”. Its age old. In a very clear, perhaps somewhat extreme, example it can manifest as, “my god is better than your god”. How many people have died in religious wars based on this ever simple idea? It is perhaps one of the biggest ironies of human civilization. Respect other peoples views and know that their journey is valuable to them. Give them their space. Let it go.

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