Have I found my Soulmate?

Have I found my soulmate? friends family

Yes, I have.


Finding a soulmate is not about finding that one person to share your life with. We can have many soulmates in fact. Its also not all about romance either.  Soulmates can be friends, family, teachers and business partners too. These are souls that we have lived with in our past lives, over and over, a relationship that goes far beyond what we know. Over the course of many lives, the two entities start to vibrate on the same frequency, they find a natural universal harmony. In this life, or another, when you meet things can just “click”. You don’t need to speak sometimes, and you KNOW what they are thinking. No doubt, many people in your life right now, you have experienced before in previous lives, in different times & places, and in different roles.

Its also not about a life-long relationship either. Soulmates can come and go, and the interactions can be quite brief. Its not a matter of time, its a matter of quality. Ultimately, your experience with them makes you grow as a person, and they always play some role in your spiritual development.

When we lie in our death bed , we won’t think about that car we bought, how much weigh we lost or gained, the size of our bank accounts or that promotion that never came. We think about our relationships with other souls. We remember the people we loved and the people we lost. We remember the people we helped and those who helped us along our path. We remember those with whom we changed. The teachers, the best friends, and the brothers.


These universal partners are precious.

Cherish them.

Radiate Love.


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