Martin Luther King Jr – Love, Peace, and Unity

martin luther king quote image i have decided to stick with love


There a few people, every now and then, that dream so big, that  love so deeply and work so hard that they can actually change the world. Martin Luther King Jr, an iconic leader in the African-American civil rights movement, was one of these people. A charismatic figure, he championed the ideals of loving your neighbour as yourself and loving your enemies as well. He refused any violence, instead insisting that you pray for your enemies and bless them instead of hating them. 

King was, in fact, highly inspired by Mahatama Gandhi’s success with nonviolent activism in India. In April 1959 King fulfilled his long time dream of visiting India, it was on this trip that and his conviction in nonviolent resistance grow even stronger.

Interestingly Gandhi was  strongly influenced by ‘The Kingdom of God is Within You’ by Leo Tolstoy, an iconic Christian anarchist.
King, Gandhi and Tolstoy, in turn, had been very strongly influenced by Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.

The same message has been coming to us from so many voices throughout history, but that does not make it crucial for us to understand. The message is simple yet pierces to the very core of the human condition;

Love, Peace and Unity.

May they all continue to inspire us, and may we continue to inspire each other.


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