The Consciousness of Success

This video makes so many great points. I especially enjoyed how they point out that many of us living in the Western world , are living under the notion that we are in a meritocracy. Thus if you are not deemed ‘successful’ (in a material sense) you have little worth as a human being. Our society tells us we can have everything, and that things are fair. But is it actually fair?  

“If you really believe in a society where those in the top deserve to be there, that must mean that those at the bottom deserve to be there.” In reality, all we see is a select few with “everything”, while the rest are barely scraping by. But as the video mentions luck as a determining factor in ones life, this is something I do not agree with. Luck is a very loaded word , and Im not going to spend too much time going into depth with that. Yes, certain people have more than other people, in a material sense definitely.  But this has nothing do with the path and development of ones soul.

Certain people may be endowed with much wealth, but does it make them truly happy and at peace? I can attest that some of the most miserable people I know also have been “gifted” with much wealth. On the flip side, scarcity and hardship are often triggers for spiritual development since they push for detachment from the material plane.  For society as a whole, especially in the west, there needs to be a shift in the consciousness of success. Instead of focusing on attaining material wealth, there needs to be a focus on  contribution, and the betterment of society.  The desire to receive for the self alone vs the desire to receive for the act of sharing.

From a spiritual perspective, having wealth may bring about as many challenges as poverty does.  In the cycle of many lifetimes, the essence will experience lives of extreme wealth and extreme poverty, its all about experience and growth. Even in the course of ones own life,  wealth can come and go.  We must remember that “our outer achievements do not define our sense of self”. The ego may take over at times, but the progress of spiritual evolution inherently goes forward not backward.  In times of hardship, the best we can do is look inside and ask “what can I learn from this?”. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.



5 thoughts on “The Consciousness of Success”

  1. Well said, in our own sense of depravity that is forced on us by what media culture says we must have to be happy, it is easy to forget the humanity in ourselves and that of others. Happiness cannot be bought, unlike the capitalist benefactors would have us believe and is a fleeting feeling, but feeling empowered is something to be earned and sacrificed for.

    1. Our happiness is there, within us. It is not something to be attained. All we have to do is remove the blocks our ego creates from experiencing it.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. ❤

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