Materialism in the 21st century


Materialism and Art

Ever considered yourself to be an idol worshipper? In the context of this discussion you might. Lets disambiguate the term “idol” first. Looking back at Abrahamic religions, we know that idol worship is VERY BAD. A whole bunch of people have been punished over and over for worshipping idols, the story of the Golden Calf is perhaps one of the most prominent. Most people associate idols as being an opposing force to whatever new religious thought was being proposed. Their pagan nature was seen as threatening. But there is more to it than that……

Idols are material representations. When people begin to worship them, they slowly begin to believe that the object itself has some intrinsic quality rather than what it represents. People do not worship the crucifix itself, instead they use it as a representation of the passion of the Christ. In the 21st century, idol worship has taken a different form. In the Mosaic times they had the Golden Calf, today we have the Kardashians, materialism, and consumerism. Want something real? How about the new car smell of a brand new Mercedes.

If you can see it, touch it, smell it, feel it, or hear it, then it is real. Everything that we have ever experienced has come through the conduit of the senses. We are by nature, slaves to our five senses. So it’s not a surprise that the physical world trumps all the other wishy-washy stuff.  But first lets consider exactly how meager the realm of the senses really is. All together they can only capture a minuscule fraction of ‘what is really going on’. There is a massive spectrum of vibration and frequency beyond that which we can access. Relatively speaking, we are quite blind.

But how else are we supposed to experience the world if not through our 5 senses. Herein lies the big paradox, belief in the metaphysical or spirituality per se, asks for us to not only go beyond our senses, but also rational thought. For generation Y this might be more than difficult to swallow.





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