What would you define as a good year?

How to have a positive year, Life coach, new years resolutions

How was 2014 for you? For some 2014 might have been full of amazing milestones, for some it might have been full of hardships, and for others it might have been completely uneventful. People make a habit of identifying their circumstances, as good or bad, pleasurable and discomforting, positive and negative. Many people would define a “good year” as one full of , presumably positive events such as graduating college, meeting mr/mrs right, getting a promotion and so on, while a “bad year” might include death, sickness, and other hardships. It does not only apply to years , how many times have you found yourself in a circumstance saying “Im having a bad day”, “Its been a horrible week” or I can wait for this month to be over”?

In essence, there is no good or bad year, or positive or negative days, It is US who are positive or negative, US who see things as good or bad. We make a habit of creating egoic identifications of everything, for every experience our mind automatically has been conditioned to say this is GOOD or BAD. The external world is inherently chaotic, not-fixed and in a continuous flux. The truth is, ego-based identifications are usually not beneficial in any circumstance.  When we identify with our circumstance we ride that roller-coaster of the material world, UP and DOWN, we continuously go, GOOD YEAR, BAD YEAR , GOOD DAY, BAD DAY. Continual identification, continual association, continual suffering.

But we can chose to to step off that roller-coaster, instead to watch the ride from a distance. When we do this, we are better able to understand how the ride works, and thus when we find ourselves on it again, we can avoid those terrible parts that make us uncomfortable and dizzy and just enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and flight. To be at peace. Its a definitely a process, but it begins with not identifying with our surroundings, to stop labeling, but instead to observe, EXPERIENCE. Through this we can begin to practice equanimity, and thus we begin to open ourselves to attaining greater wisdom. It is then that you start seeing the beauty of the ups and downs, knowing their temporary nature, rather than getting caught up in them.

Be present,

Be in the Here

Be in the Now.


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