What does it mean to be an artist?

Spirituality and Art - Wanderer above a sea of fog- Caspar David Friedrich
Wanderer above a sea of fog- Caspar David Friedrich
So this is a lot of what I have been hearing over the past year….
“why have you not been producing any work”
“when is your next show?
“whats going on with your art?!”
I usually give a pretty superficial answer along the lines of not finding the right studio space or not having the time to paint since I’ve moved to New York City. But the truth is that I am as creative as I have ever been. I feel as much as an artist, if not more, than I have ever been.
My “work” now consists of several notepads full of sketches, observations, thoughts and many many questions… I don’t have a need at this time to put it all out there (this blog might be enough). Right now I’m just focusing on taking it all in. Expereincing and living is just as much a part of the creative process than the actual production of any work. And its not about trekking up a mountain, jumping out of a plane, having your heart broken or shaving your head and living in an ashram.
Its simply about being present. Being in the here and now. Diving deep into the richness of the human experience, in all its forms.This quote by Jan Phillips sums it all up so elegantly:
To be an artist it is not necessary to make a living from our creations. Nor is it necessary to have work hanging in fine museums or the praise of critics.It is not necessary that we are published or that famous people own our work.
To be an artist it is necessary to live with our eyes wide open, to breathe in the colors of mountain and sky, to know the sound of leaves rustling, the smell of snow, the texture of bark. It is necessary to rub our hands all over life, to sing when and where we want, to take in every detail, and to jump when we get to the edge of the cliff.
To be an artist is to notice every beautiful and tragic thing, to cry freely, to collect experience and shape it into forms that others can share.
– Jan Philips
Ive always said that art , for me, has been a connection to the divine. But the truth is that the divine permeates every aspect of our existence.
Everything is divine, and everything is art.

So, what lies ahead for me? Im not sure. Expression and creativity are and always will be an inherent a part of my life. How that will continue to manifest going into thefuture, I don’t know. For now I’m enjoying the journey.




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