10 Signs that you may be an old soul

10 Signs that you are an-3

1) Older souls often perceive themselves as part of a much greater whole. They see the deep interrelatedness between mind  and matter, as well as the unity existing between people. Everything is significant and meaningful. Seeing the bigger picture they often ask “What is my purpose in the greater scheme of things?”

2) They tend to be very easy going. Knowing the uselessness  of the preoccuptations that torment the younger souls, older souls tend to avoid getting caught in the drama of life. Though they face hardships like everyone else, the tend to let things slide and tend to act less from their ego. They do not like to spend much time doing things they don’t want to do, or things that don’t have meaning or bring them joy.

3)They are not big fans of the 9-5 job. Having a big sum of material wealth isn’t a big deal unless perhaps they want to use it to achieve a certain goal such as spreading their wisdom. They love the freedom of self employment or working for a small business & they would rather be struggling and doing something meaningful or at least pleasurable with their lives. In the end they know exactly how short life is!

4) They love to experience life! Be it travel, food, wine, romance, or music, old souls love the experience of life itself.  They may see the beauty in the places that others do not. These are the guys teary eyed from a beautiful sunset or who close their eyes when they are eating a really delicious meal.

5) They often prefer unorthodox spiritual practices. They are the ones with burning up some sage every time they move to a new home. You will also find them meditating privately on a beach or in the middle of nature somewhere. They believe they can formulate their own path with the divine.

6) They can be weird loners. for them their main relationship in life is with the divine, therefore they tend to spend lots of time alone thinking about the universe and their place in it. Others will see them as disconnected on some level and often times they are deemed to be a bit of a weirdo. Even the old soul who wears a business suit and drives an expensive car, scratch under the surface and you will find an eccentric.

7) They have a tendency towards laziness. They can also be sloppy. Seeing the transient nature of things and being able to see the bigger picture may leave one asking “whats the point?”. This is especially true for the older of the old souls.

8) They may be slightly arrogant. Some older souls may perceive themselves as being “enlightened” when they might not necessarily be. Having deep spiritual knowledge and wisdom may contribute to their ego growing and potentially seeing themselves as better than others in some way. They may sometimes be perceived as being arrogant, preachy or “holier-than-thou”.

9) They are very self-perceptive. They have learned that evolution comes from self mastery, this means seeing and acknowledging their own internal garbage. Through this, they become not only aware of their egoic behaviours but also tend to better master it as they become older souls.

10) They may struggle with poor self esteem. Many live in a society of slightly younger souls (such as the US) wherein material wealth  and success is measure of self worth, the old soul may feel like an outcast at times. Whereas young souls are in the process of creating experiences and karma with others, older souls are interested in completing their karma since they know they are not coming back. Their main challenge is unconditional acceptance, of themselves and of others. The key to achieving this is forgiveness and self-love.

Thoughts? Comments? Have anything to add? Please do so!

I will be posting about the other soul ages later on.

See my post,” introduction to soul ages” here


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