What would you define as a good year?

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How was 2014 for you? For some 2014 might have been full of amazing milestones, for some it might have been full of hardships, and for others it might have been completely uneventful. People make a habit of identifying their circumstances, as good or bad, pleasurable and discomforting, positive and negative. Many people would define a “good year” as one full of , presumably positive events such as graduating college, meeting mr/mrs right, getting a promotion and so on, while a “bad year” might include death, sickness, and other hardships. It does not only apply to years , how many times have you found yourself in a circumstance saying “Im having a bad day”, “Its been a horrible week” or I can wait for this month to be over”?

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What does it mean to be an artist?

Spirituality and Art - Wanderer above a sea of fog- Caspar David Friedrich
Wanderer above a sea of fog- Caspar David Friedrich
So this is a lot of what I have been hearing over the past year….
“why have you not been producing any work”
“when is your next show?
“whats going on with your art?!”
I usually give a pretty superficial answer along the lines of not finding the right studio space or not having the time to paint since I’ve moved to New York City. But the truth is that I am as creative as I have ever been. I feel as much as an artist, if not more, than I have ever been.
My “work” now consists of several notepads full of sketches, observations, thoughts and many many questions… I don’t have a need at this time to put it all out there (this blog might be enough). Right now I’m just focusing on taking it all in. Expereincing and living is just as much a part of the creative process than the actual production of any work. And its not about trekking up a mountain, jumping out of a plane, having your heart broken or shaving your head and living in an ashram.

The Evolutionary Consciousness of Rumi

Evolutionary Consciousness of Rumi - Philosophy, Poetry

I have been a fan of Rumi’s work for quite some time now, I loved his deep passion for life and his expressions of love and peace. But I never really grasped the spiritual profundity of his work until recently, I came across a very interesting piece of literature, “A History of Muslim Philosophy” by M.M Sharif. It made me realise that his position in history goes far beyond that of a poet, and far beyond a theologan as well. He served as a beacon of light, to enlighten the path for those are lucky enough to come across his work. Continue reading The Evolutionary Consciousness of Rumi

Are Detoxes a big scam? How to really get healthy

DETOXES are fake, scam, bad for your, how to be healthyAs consumers are we making sure we are well informed before jumping into a detox treatment, pill or diet? Or do we put faith in the entities that are trying to make a profit out of our ignorance? Detoxing surely is a huge trend, I for one have tried many of the things stated in this article, I’m really not sure how effective they were. I know some people who swear by colonics! But in the end of the day I believe there is never a quick-fix solution when it comes to health. It’s about developing long term health habits and I agree with a point made in the following article that “the ultimate lifestyle ‘detox’ is not smoking, exercising and enjoying a healthy balanced diet like the Mediterranean diet”

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10 Signs that you may be an old soul

10 Signs that you are an-3

1) Older souls often perceive themselves as part of a much greater whole. They see the deep interrelatedness between mind  and matter, as well as the unity existing between people. Everything is significant and meaningful. Seeing the bigger picture they often ask “What is my purpose in the greater scheme of things?”

2) They tend to be very easy going. Knowing the uselessness  of the preoccuptations that torment the younger souls, older souls tend to avoid getting caught in the drama of life. Though they face hardships like everyone else, the tend to let things slide and tend to act less from their ego. They do not like to spend much time doing things they don’t want to do, or things that don’t have meaning or bring them joy.

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