The Battle between God and Science

Science and Spirituality , as most people would see it, occupy very separate spaces in humanity. We can think of several examples within the realm of religion wherein scientists have been ostracized, punished or even killed if their views went agains the prescribed beliefs at the time. On the other hand,  the scientific camp has been ready to reject any truth that cannot be tried and tested within the constructs of the scientific method. Some may go as far to say that there is some kind of idealogical battle between Science and Religion or perhaps between Science and any belief system not rooted in the scientific method.


Finding Truth is the main objective of both science and religion, yet one is rooted heavily in the material, while the other is heavily rooted in the immaterial. Considering that our current society has a heavy imbalance towards the material plane , it is unsurprising that science is used to negate God, or any belief existing outside of its. Interestingly enough there is a great deal of ancient wisdom that is coming into alignment with modern science, while at the same time modern science is pushing forward into the realm of metaphysics.

Beliefnet recently published an article by Deepak Chopra about “How Richard Dawkins lost his battle with God”, within which he states “I am not saying that science is moving closer to God, only that the possibility of a conscious universe is very real in scientific terms.” Furthermore he states “a number of prominent theorists now believe that consciousness, or mind, exists in the universe at large, that it is the very basis of everything in spacetime.”

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