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Quotes about life – Rumi

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“You have been walking the ocean’s edge, holding up your robes to keep them dry.

You must dive naked under and deeper under, a thousand times deeper.

Love flows down.

The ground submits to the sky and suffers what comes.

Tell me, is the earth worse for giving in like that?

Do not put blankets over the drum.

Open completely.” 


One of my favourite poems by Rumi.

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Surrender to the Universe


Surrender to the Universe

When we worry, we are essentially hoping to control the flow of life because we are attached to the outcome of a situation. We want things to happen a certain way, and we are terrified that things could go wrong or that bad things could happen. In reality, we have little to no control over the unfolding of events in life, at least not from the conscious standpoint that our worrying will directly impact the outcome in the way we want. So, we can worry and obsess, or we can accept all that IS and let go of our attachment to the outcomes. The universe is way older and wiser than us, and instead of obsessively worrying, we can let go of control and with love and trust, surrender to the universe.

A Brief History of Your Life – Eckhart Tolle

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Out of nowhere, so to speak, “you” suddenly appear in this world. Birth is followed by expansion. There is not only physical growth, but also growth of knowledge, activities, possessions, experiences. Your sphere of influence expands and life becomes increasingly complex. This is the time when you’re primarily concerned with finding or pursuing your outer purpose. Usually there’s also a corresponding growth of the ego, which is identification with all the above things, and so your form identity becomes more and more defined. This is also the time when outer purpose – growth – tends to become usurped by the ego, which unlike nature does not know when to stop it’s pursuit of expansion and has a voracious appetite for more. Continue reading A Brief History of Your Life – Eckhart Tolle

Depression and Spirituality – Hardship as a spiritual call to action

Could depression be a spiritual call to action?

Dr. Lisa Miller presents research that lends meaning to the experience of depression and to our experience on planet Earth.
The world’s foremost expert in the relative study of psychology and spirituality, Dr. Miller is Professor and Director of Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.

The Battle between God and Science

Science and Spirituality , as most people would see it, occupy very separate spaces in humanity. We can think of several examples within the realm of religion wherein scientists have been ostracized, punished or even killed if their views went agains the prescribed beliefs at the time. On the other hand,  the scientific camp has been ready to reject any truth that cannot be tried and tested within the constructs of the scientific method. Some may go as far to say that there is some kind of idealogical battle between Science and Religion or perhaps between Science and any belief system not rooted in the scientific method.

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Finding Truth is the main objective of both science and religion, yet one is rooted heavily in the material, while the other is heavily rooted in the immaterial. Considering that our current society has a heavy imbalance towards the material plane , it is unsurprising that science is used to negate God, or any belief existing outside of its. Interestingly enough there is a great deal of ancient wisdom that is coming into alignment with modern science, while at the same time modern science is pushing forward into the realm of metaphysics.

Beliefnet recently published an article by Deepak Chopra about “How Richard Dawkins lost his battle with God”, within which he states “I am not saying that science is moving closer to God, only that the possibility of a conscious universe is very real in scientific terms.” Furthermore he states “a number of prominent theorists now believe that consciousness, or mind, exists in the universe at large, that it is the very basis of everything in spacetime.”

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