A Call for Action – Peace in the Middle East

Tired of seeing so much death and destruction in the Middle East people are continually asking “what can I do to help this situation?

We all know that that specific region of the world has been an epicentre of light and wisdom for thousands of years. We also know that where there is light there is also dark.

Where does the darkness lie? The dark manifests itself through the presence of ego, the main opponent of humanity in general. The prime weapon that ego uses is reactivity, it is this reactivity which results in this perpetual hate and war.
Furthermore, because the region is such an energy centre, it is serves as a magnifying glass of the rest of the world. So if there is hate and destruction in the Middle East, it is showing us the hate that exists within humanity in general. The hate that exists within our own souls.

So in fact, the real war our world faces right now is the war against ego.


We can fight, debate, argue and share our pollitical points of view, the same way people have been doing for thousands of years. This will just continue the endless cycle and not bring about any form of long term peace.

So donate, share awareness, etc. Do whatever you think is right. But we should not forget to look within ourselves. What is the reactivity in us that we need to remove? What is the judgement within us that we need to remove? What darkness and garbage lies within our own soul?
Want to be proactive? Stop pointing blame to others and start to look within yourself.

Only once we soften our hearts and become our own channels of sharing love does real transformation occur.
How can I share more today? How can I bring light into this day? How can I be a kinder person today?
The real, and very difficult, change happens when we focus on feeling the the pain of others. This includes our enemies. The tipping point occurs once we feel the pain of our enemies so much that we can no longer inflict pain upon them. This is the only way to permanent peace….

When we change something within ourselves the world changes too. The same way hate spreads, love spreads even faster. Think of how one small flame can illuminate the darkest room. So too does our flame of compassion break through the darkness of hate.

Start with yourself, the world will follow.



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