How to Forgive your Parents


Many people harbour suppressed anger, guilt and resentment towards their parents. These are toxic and can manifest as various physical, psychological, and spiritual ailments.

Truth is, that your essence chooses your parents, YOU choose your parents.

All of the tensions resulting from your relationship with them are part of your souls path. The first thing we must do is realise that we chose them, then to realise that they are people just like you and me, with their own histories, flaws and egos.

Ask them about their childhood, maybe you will learn that they are manifesting parts of their ego that exist due to their specific upbringing.


Let go.

All that has happened in the past, it is gone.

Become the cause and not the effect, begin to fill them with unconditional love. This is one of the most significant steps in your spiritual journey.

If you don’t forgive your parents you will always be chasing the image of a perfect parent through relationships, friends, siblings and others.


New Moon of Leo

Today marks the New Moon of Leo. The New Moon is the first phase of the Moon and it is generally invisible at this time. It holds a great deal of importance to several calendars such as the Muslim, Buddhist, Hebrew and Hindu calendars. Symbolically it serves as a point of new beginnings. The darkness of the moon serves as a metaphor of the darkness that we face in our lives, it is in the darkness that we feel most uncertain. The old is out, the new has not arrived yet. Thus it is a great time to send out your wishes and desires into the universe. Think about the things that you would like to cultivate in your life and changes that you want to make. You can also think about a more specific intention, and use this a great point to commit to it.

A Call for Action – Peace in the Middle East

Tired of seeing so much death and destruction in the Middle East people are continually asking “what can I do to help this situation?

We all know that that specific region of the world has been an epicentre of light and wisdom for thousands of years. We also know that where there is light there is also dark.

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The Ray Kurzweil Diet – Want to live forever? Read “Transcend”

Ray Kurzweil DietWant to live forever? Read “Transcend” by Ray Kurzweil, genius extraordinaire. According to him you can.

He especially goes into depth in regards to ‘The Ray Kurzweil Diet’, the book included recipes, exercises and lifestyle habits.


Introduction to the Soul Ages – The Michael Teachings

According to “The Michael Teachings”, the evolution of the soul is broken down into 5 phases:


  • Stage 1: The INFANT Soul
  • Stage 2: The CHILD Soul
  • Stage 3: The YOUNG Soul
  • Stage 4: The MATURE Soul
  • Stage 5: The OLD Soul


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This evolution can take hundreds of lifetimes to achieve or perhaps even less.

As time progresses the proportions of the souls at each of the stages changes as well. In the past there have been many more infant and  souls , and very few old souls. Going into the future the proportion of old souls is increasing, especially as we enter into the age of Aquarius we will start to see more interconnection and understanding.

The emergence of social media and the internet could be one of the very first means by which people can communicate instantaneously on a mass scale, and this is only the beginning. It is not coincidental that the emergence of that the emergence of such technology coincides with our entering the aquarian age.


To get a basic background on Soul Ages check out:

Personal Spirituality 


Learn more about the Michael Teachings by reading these books:

The Michael Handbook: A Channeled System for Self Understanding 
by Jose Stevens et al.

Messages from Michael; 25th Anniversary Edition 
by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Physicists say there may be a way to prove that we live in a computer simulation


Back in 2003, Oxford professor Nick Bostrom suggested that we may be living in a computer simulation. In his paper, Bostrom offered very little science to support his hypothesis — though he did calculate the computational requirements needed to pull off such a feat. And indeed, a philosophical claim is one thing, actually proving it is quite another. But now, a team of physicists say proof might be possible, and that it’s a matter of finding a cosmological signature that would serve as the proverbial Red Pill from the Matrix. And they think they know what it is.

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